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The Watts Towers attract people from all over the world. With Youtube as a medium, many post their video films there. Below, you can see a number of them collected on this site.

THE TOWERS (1957; 12 minutes) is a documentary about Simon Rodia (1879-1965) building the Watts Towers (a very informative documetary, in spite of the narrator's pronunciation of the name "Rodia").



WSBC Visit to The Watts Towers and The Getty
A trip to two very different art establishments in the Los Angeles, California area.



Metro At Watts Towers Festival 9-27-8


The friendly guide performing under the towers
Syni Patterson performing her original poem about the Watts Towers. Being stirred by a compelling desire That would not be denied, Simon Rodia ...


this one give a good impression of the area of the Watts Towers (sound has been disabled)


Radioactive Dance with Beyoncé inspired by Crazy in Love
It's not a beautiful nightmare but beyonce dances with simon rodia's watts towers in south central los angeles california, music kraftwerk, radioactivity and geiger counter - danse de beyoncé dans ...



Watts Towers and Enrico Caruso


a short but interesting


a fire captain and other people living in the area tell about the towers and the people of Watts


a short one


Watts towers popping dance/bboys (a problem with the sound)


dancing at the Watts Towers


Watts Box
Live from the Watts Towers in Watts, California. WestCoastRydaz.com caught up with G.Malone, Kam, Bangloose, Jay Rock, Kanary Diamonds, Dro, Young Bruh, Keno & more at a photo shoot for The Source ...


showing the renovation works at the Watts Towers (Swedish spoken)


also showing the renovation works (Italian spoken) - vernacular art


Watts Happening


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